In the Halls of Barad'ur

A Chilling Awakening
The Beginning

A blinding white flash of brilliant light, followed by darkness. Each party member slowly comes to a hazy consciousness and tries to organize their thoughts, only to find that their head is bereft of any sort of memories from the past few days!

Looking around the room, they notice each other, not recognizing anyone in the room. They painfully extricate themselves from the floor and warily make their introductions. The room itself is unrecognizable as well – the floor, walls, and ceiling are covered in well-worn symbols of some sort, and there is an odd, partially destroyed pedestal that seems to “grow” out of the floor. The top end of the pillar is nothing more than sharp jagged edges. Surrounding the pillar are black, sooty marks radiating from the pedestal, and the floor is littered with small fires and rubble. The walls show signs of large, heavy objects hitting them around the mid-level mark.

Deciphering the symbols is impossible, as they are nothing more than squiggly indentations due to immense age. After pounding on the walls for a while, looking for some form of door, one of the party members spots a hidden exit, skilfully hidden in the symbols. After a communal effort, the secret door pushes forward, then sideways into a recess in the wall. A cold blast of arctic wind blasts into the hidden room, chilling the party to the very core of their being. Still one the wary side, the party peers into the new room, trying to take everything in, and hopefully recognize or remember anything of value, to no avail. What they do notice is that there is a large amount of dust that was walled up against the hidden door, indicating that the room had not been opened for a very, very long time. And this new room showed signs of not having any visitors in eons as well.

The new room is dotted with thin snake-like columns that disappear into the vaulted ceiling, their tops attaching to the ceiling at an unseen level high above the party. The far left wall catches the party’s eyes so they creep over to investigate. A large twenty foot tall bronzed partially 3D wall hanging is recessed into the wall. The picture depicts an a horrific battle between winged serpents, locked in various death grips with other serpents over a land void of vegetation. Centermost on the picture, a large 15 foot tall warrior with gemmed eyes gazes maleficiently gown upon any gazers. The warforged party member, feeling something of a kinship with this metallic wall statue and reaches out to rest his hand on it. The rimefrost covering the stature immediately melts away off of the stature, starting where the warforged had touched it. The edges lining the warrior shine with a bluish tint and the warrior steps out of the picture, leaving behind a hollow spot where he once resided! Screaming menacingly at the party with a voice like that of tortured metal, it proceeds to attack them!

The fight is quick and dirty, with the party members ravaging this unknown force in short work. There are casualties, nothing of which couldn’t be healed. The statue nearly crushes one of the party, who gets pulled out of harms way at the last possible moment by the timely intervention of the group’s tiefling! After resting a while to recuperate their energy, the members realize that this fight had unlocked some of their base instinctual memories! They are fighters, warriors, adventurers! What else could they be, having dispatched so fell a creature as this, in such a short time? Still trying to put the pieces of their past together in their heads, they travel toward the opposite end of the column-filled room. Still lost in thought, the fighter steps onto a floor pressure switch and triggers a trap! A rumbling sound from high above his head is a short warning before large mounds of ice dump upon his head! Shaking off the impact, he gets up and indicates to the group that the room is trapped. Now, even more wary, the party sets off to the end of the room, one of them spotting a door. What a shocker! The door is also trapped with falling ice, once again trying to brain the fighter! Once all the ice is cleared out of the path, the party ventures forth down a dark, cold corridor to find themselves in yet another room.

This room is something of a mausoleum of sorts, with ten carved stone coffins(?) that merge into the floor of the room. The walls are lined with a discomforting snake-like knotted pattern that painfully twists ones eye if looked upon too long. At the foot of the walls are odd holes that disappear into blackness. Looking upon the coffins, the image of the person inside is etched onto the top of them. Whilst the fighter, bored with the contents of the room, attempts to open another door leading to an unexplored part of wherever they are, the warforged innocently dislodges one of the lids to the coffins, wanting to peer inside and see what was worth all the fuss of putting this room together. No sooner than the lid gets popped, the doors to the room throw up portcullis’ preventing the party from leaving the room! Drawing their weapons, the group gets ready to tangle with the inevitable undead enemies that slowly crawl out of half of the coffins!


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